We Recommend These Milk Thistle Extracts

These days, more and more people are getting into natural herbal remedies. One of the main reasons why people prefer such treatments is that they do not want to deal with the side effects of most prescribed medicines. Lots of plants are used for herbal remedies and one supplement ingredient that is gaining ground at the moment is milk thistle. If you have heard about the plant/product but are not that familiar with it yet, you need to know more about its benefits. See our guide for fast facts and product recommendations.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is milk thistle exactly?

    Answer: Milk thistle is an herb that is associated with the daisy family and it thrives in mostly temperate areas all over the world, particularly in Southern Europe. The seeds of this flowering herb contains silymarin, a bioflavonoid complex which is generally attributed to the plant’s health benefits. Silymarin is an antioxidant and aids in easing inflammation. Silymarin might also accommodate long-term health for the liver and can aid in persistent liver conditions like cirrhosis, viral and alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver and liver poisoning. Several studies have also presented that milk thistle extract safeguards the lover from toxins.

  2. Apart from easing liver conditions, can milk thistle aid in curbing other health conditions?

    Answer: Since milk thistle has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities, it may also contribute in easing skin conditions like rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

  3. How do you take milk thistle extracts?

    Answer: Milk thistle extracts either come in capsule or liquid forms. Standard intake of the supplement is 2-3 times a day. While adults and children can take milk thistle extracts, it is always recommended that one must always get advice from a doctor first before taking the supplement. Persons who should not take milk thistle extracts include women who have or had cancer of the uterus, breast or ovary or have a history of endometriosis or uterine fibroids. People with allergies to plants related to the daisy family should not take the supplement as well. In addition, people who take medications to remedy high blood pressure, various infections, cancer, asthma/allergies, anxiety and depression, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, migraine and occasional pain or tension headaches should first get advice from their doctor first before taking milk thistle extracts.

Our Top Picks


Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle

  • 150mg milk thistle seed extract
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan/vegetarian-friendly
  • Wheat/gluten-free

The Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle supplement has a potent concentration of milk thistle extracts. The product has been regimented in order to product up to 80 percent of silymarin or flavonoids. Silymarin is responsible for the primary benefits of the flowering herb—it helps on detoxifying the body and ridding it of toxins which can harm the body specifically the liver. The product is free from wheat and gluten, does not contain any GMOs and it’s also a vegan and vegetarian-safe product since it does not contain dairy, eggs, shellfish and the like.


Puritans Pride Milk Thistle 4:1 Extract

  • 1000mg milk thistle extract a day
  • Includes soy products
  • Scientifically-formulated blend
  • Gluten-free

The Puritans Pride Milk Thistle 4:1 Extract supplement aids in healthy, optimal liver function by accommodating the liver cells’ outer cell membranes. It has a scientifically-formulated blend which is free from gluten. It has a high level of milk thistle extracts—taken 4X a day, it provides up to 1000mg of milk thistle. It comes in easy to swallow softgel capsules—this form also allows for easier and faster absorption of the formula. Due to the animal byproducts included, it is not ideal for vegetarians and vegans.


FarmHaven Milk Thistle Capsules

  • 11250mg milk thistle
  • Standardized to 80% silymarin flavonoids
  • Boosts healthy liver functions
  • Effective 30:1 concentration

The FarmHaven Milk Thistle Capsules has a milk thistle extract proportion of 30:1 which is potent and then standardized into 80 percent silymarin. This non-GMO product is vegan-friendly and every capsule provides a whopping 11,250mg of raw milk thistle seed, plus it also contains 300mg of silymarin per capsule. This FarmHaven product is indeed one of the highest potency milk thistle supplements around. Then again, before taking this one, make sure to check with your healthcare provider first if it’s suitable for your current health state.


BulkSupplements Milk Thistle Extract Powder

  • Rich silymarin source
  • Enhances joint functions
  • Facilitates healthier liver
  • Has natural anti-inflammatory capabilities

The BulkSupplements Milk Thistle Extract Powder is just as effective as the liquid and capsule ones as long as you take it regularly or as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Apart from assisting in liver health, it can also improve the workings of the bones and the joints. Servings of the powder account to a sufficient amount of silymarin at 212mg per serving. The powder has been tested in an FDA-inspected lab for purity so what you’ll get is one formula that is clean, pure and free from additives. This product also comes in softgel form.


Micro Ingredients Maximum Strength Organic Milk Thistle Extract

  • Standardized formula with 80% silymarin
  • No additives, preservatives and fillers
  • No gluten and soy
  • Dye and flavor-free

The Micro Ingredients Maximum Strength Organic Milk Thistle Extract supplement has a standardized formulation that contains 80 percent of silymarin content to accommodate the needs of the liver and contribute in the fight against free radicals. It does not contain preservatives, additives, fillers, soy, gluten, artificial colors and flavorings and GMOs. The powder comes with its own scoop and you can sprinkle every serving on your choice beverages or food. The formula is also very vegan-friendly.


Herb Pharm Milk Thistle Seed Liquid Extract

  • 645mg milk thistle extract
  • Easily-absorbed liquid form
  • Vegan product
  • Non-GMO

The Herb Pharm Milk Thistle Seed Liquid Extract is one of the easiest ways to take in the benefits of this herbal plant. It contains 645mg of milk thistle extract, has a vegan formulation and does not contain traces of GMOs and gluten. The formulation of this product also emulates the natural herbal composition of the plant so it has similar proportions of its phytonutrients. If you are not too keen on powder and capsule formulas, you can opt for this liquid blend instead.

We deal with unhealthy factors every day and at worst, it can take a toll on our bodies. Take care of your liver by investing in quality, effective milk thistle formulas. Remember, before taking this one, it is suggested that you always take the advice of your doctor first regarding such supplements.