The Best Lysine Supplements for Muscle Growth and Repair

There are certain nutrients that our body needs but it cannot produce. Thus, in order to get it, we acquire it from whole foods or supplements. Amino acids are one of those nutrients; we need amino acids to generate muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, treat liver conditions and more.

One essential amino acid that we must focus on is lysine—lysine is something that the body cannot create thus it’s commonly obtained through food and supplements. It gives a host of benefits from decreasing blood pressure levels to combating lysine deficiency. Know more about the wonders of this essential amino acid by reading our handy guide.


Natural Cure Labs Clean L-Lysine 600mg, 120 Capsules

  • Award-winning product and company
  • As “clean” as it gets
  • Vegan, USA-made formula
  • Generous 120 capsule count

Natural Cure Labs Clean L-Lysine 600mg, 120 Capsules Natural Cure Labs Clean L-Lysine 600mg, 120 Capsules

Natural Cure Labs takes a simple and direct approach to their “Clean” L-Lysine product. Just as the name suggests, it contains no additives, fillers, artificial preservatives, flavorings, or colors. This product is a great option for those looking to control the amount of L-Lysine they are supplementing, which is especially handy when combining with other supplements or dietary protocols. This standalone product was released alongside the company’s award-winning Monolaurin products to help customers achieve the optimum combination of these immune-supporting supplements.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the deal with lysine and why is it beneficial?

    Answer: L-lysine, popularly known as lysine, is a macronutrient that’s important since it has a role in several bodily functions. This is an essential amino acid considered to be one of the building blocks of protein. The macronutrient helps in the growth of body tissues and proper muscle recovery. It also stimulates collagen growth, boosts the development of hormones, enzymes and antibodies plus it also supports the immune system.

  2. Do lysine supplements have potential side effects?

    Answer: Taken orally for most individuals, lysine is most possibly safe if ingested in correct dosages up to a year. Potential side effects of taking lysine supplements include upset stomach and diarrhea. Remember that there is no sufficient evidence if lysine supplements are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Individuals with osteoporosis, kidney conditions and lysinuric protein intolerance should also consult with their doctor first before taking lysine supplements.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing lysine supplements?

    Answer: You can obtain lysine by eating foods such as eggs, nuts, soy and beans. Before taking lysine supplements, you must first get advice from your doctor—your physician will be able to give advice in terms of correct use and dosage. For safe, quality lysine supplements, always check the Supplement Facts label on the product—this label includes essential data regarding the item from the number of active ingredients per serving plus other extra ingredients. In addition, check products if they bear certifications from valid third-party agencies like NSF International and U.S. Pharmacopeia.

Our Top Picks


NOW Foods L-Lysine Supplements

  • Double-strength amino acid
  • Comes as vegan tablets
  • Free from allergens
  • GMP-quality assured

The NOW Foods L-Lysine Supplements are provided with an NPA A-rate certification from the GMP—this means what you’ll get is a supplement of the highest quality. The product has undergone a battery of tests for potency and formulation. Lysine is one of the body’s protein building blocks thus it’s crucial in the development of muscles and its recovery/damage repair. It is also responsible in collagen and elastin maintenance—the process is essential since collagen and elastin are needed in the formation of tendons, bones and skin. Other than that, regular intake of this macronutrient also helps boost the immune system.


Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Advanced Formula

  • Contains 6 essential ingredients
  • Supports healthier immune system
  • With award-winning lysine formula
  • Has echinacea and vitamin C

The Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Advanced Formula, apart from having a good, effective rate of lysine, also contains other key ingredients which assist the essential amino acid in muscle-building and boosting the immune system. Lysine serves a role in arginine processes while vitamin C known for supporting overall immune system health. Deodorized garlic also helps in strengthening the immune system along with echinacea. Both propolis and licorice root serve as antioxidant factors in the formulation.


Nature Made Extra Strength L-Lysine

  • 100mg lysine supplement
  • High-potency formulation
  • Contains 60 tablets
  • Only 1 tablet a day

The Nature Made Extra Strength L-Lysine supplement will give you the benefits that the essential amino acid provides. It provides 1000mg of the macronutrient—this nutrient is important and our body requires a good rate of it since it plays crucial roles in muscle growth and recovery. Other than that, lysine also helps in the formation of collagen and elastin, plus it gives a hand in proper absorption of calcium. Lysine can also give carnitine, a compound which can assist in using body fat in a more advantageous, positive manner—for instance, it helps simplify production of energy.


Best Naturals L-Lysine

  • 1000mg lysine supplement
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Helps in calcium absorption
  • Gluten and lactose-free

The Best Naturals L-Lysine features a more efficient formula due to the lack of preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings and sweeteners and fillers. It does not contain fish, sodium and any common allergens like lactose, gluten, eggs, corn, wheat, yeast and starch. What you have is a formulation that 100 percent lysine benefits. The supplements GMP-certified for efficacy and quality and they are well-monitored and tested too for effectiveness and product formulation. Made and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Amazon Elements Lysine Complex with Vitamin C

  • 1500mg lysine and vitamin C supplement
  • Contains echinacea
  • Gluten-free product
  • Vegetarian formula

The Amazon Elements Lysine Complex with Vitamin C combines the powers of both essential amino acid and vitamin—this means regular intake of the supplement paves the way for a healthier immune system and proper muscle growth and repair. To further assist in its efficacy to help the body fight back various health conditions, the formulation also comes with echinacea, bee propolis, deodorized garlic, licorice root and purpurea. Each bottle is tested for safety and quality.


Solgar L-Lysine Supplement

  • 1000mg lysine supplement
  • For healthier muscles and tissues
  • Supports immune system health
  • Gluten and GMO-free

The Solgar L-Lysine Supplement guarantees a formulation that is kind on vegan and vegetarian diets but very effective in boosting health. It does not contain dairy, wheat, GMOs or gluten. Optimal intake of the supplement results to better muscle development, tissue growth and a healthier immune system. If you are worried about declining collagen and elastin rates, regular intake of this supplement can help since it facilitates collagen and elastin production. Only one tablet is needed each day for adults or as prescribed by physician.

For those concerned about building muscle and retaining optimal collagen sources, the addition of lysine supplements can be a big help. This essential amino acid has crucial functions when it comes to muscle growth and recovery, collagen and elastin generation and a stronger immune system.