Support Better Immune Response with the Best Vitamin D3 Supplements

One of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the world today is vitamin D deficiency. All age groups are prone to it however, older adults are at a higher risk of acquiring this condition. Vitamin D is needed by the body to take in calcium efficiently and help facilitate bone growth. A lack of the vitamin leads to rickets in children and deformed bones among adults. Furthermore, in this day and age of constantly mutating viruses and microorganisms, immunity from these germs is needed more than ever, and vitamin D3 can help us in such concerns. See the advantages of vitamins D and D3 by reading the rest of our helpful guide.



  • Organic Certified, plant-based Vitamin D3
  • 6 Droplets provides 5000 iu of D3
  • Supports immunity, bone health, muscle growth
  • Easy to adjust dose sizes for entire family
  • Superior Absorption compared to capsules
Organic Plant-Based Vitamin D3 Organic Plant-Based Vitamin D3

Plant-D3® is a truly organic and plant-based form of Vitamin D3. The D3 is derived from a species of sun-grown algae. The algae actually produce D3 in a similar way to how the human body produces D3 when exposed to the sun. It is D3 how nature has intended. It is also a highly versatile D3 because the drops allow for easy-to-adjust dose sizes. The standard dose is 5000 iu at 6 drops. But consumers looking for smaller doses or doses for children can simply reduce the number of drops to control the serving size. The liquid sublingual form also has superior absorption. Studies have shown sublingual D3 taken under the tongue has a 197% higher absorption rate than vitamin D3 capsules. The vitamin D3 is also formulated with organic MCT oil which acts as a perfect delivery system for the D3. The formulation is 100% GMO-free and free of artificial flavors, color or preservatives.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is vitamin D3?

    Answer: Vitamin D3 presents many health benefits ranging from stronger muscles and bones to a more reinforced immunity, better mood, optimal heart functions plus it also supports weight loss. Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D, known as cholecalciferol which is usually gathered through animal sources. The micronutrient requires chemical processes in the liver and kidneys to take part in bodily functions with some help from specific enzymes. Whenever vitamin D is active in the body, it joins itself to a number of cells to support the regulation of calcium and phosphate acquired from dietary sources. Vitamin D3 is more efficient in regulating calcium and phosphate amounts and it lasts longer to allow vitamin D to remain in the blood compared to vitamin D2.

  2. How much vitamin D do I need daily?

    Answer: To know the right dose of vitamin D you need per day, it is best that you first get your blood levels measured first. Your doctor will determine the calcifediol which is vitamin D’s storage form—anything more than 20 ng or ml is believed to be sufficient and anything less than 12 ng or ml requires additional vitamin D. In general, infants aged 0 to 12 months old require 10mcg. Children and adults from ages 1 to 70 years old require at least 15mcg while older adults and pregnant/breastfeeding women require 20mcg of vitamin D.

  3. How can I get vitamin D safely from the sun?

    Answer: One of the best and fastest ways to acquire vitamin D is through regular sun exposure. For optimal levels of vitamin D, get at least 10 to 30 minutes of mid-day sunlight, several times each week. People who often use sunblock or have darker skin also require more sunlight exposure to get sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Sun exposure though will also be based on your skin sensitivity so this is something you need to consider.

Our Top Picks


NatureWise Vitamin D3 5000iu

  • 5000 IU softgels
  • Certified organic olive oil vitamin D3 source
  • High-potency vitamin D supplement
  • Pure and natural formula

The NatureWise Vitamin D3 5000iu remains to be one of the most trusted options when it comes to D vitamins due to its pure, natural and potent formulation. The active ingredient for this supplement is sourced from certified organic olive oil—optimal amounts of vitamin D3 helps in bone and muscle support, excellent immune system support and efficient teeth health. The formula presents a similar biologically-active form of the micronutrient generated by the body by means of sun exposure. The high-potency 5000 IU formula is contained in easy-to-swallow softgels as well and completely free from artificial additives, gluten and GMOs.


NOW Foods Supplements Vitamin D-3

  • 2000 IU softgels
  • GMP quality assurance
  • Non-GMO product
  • Kosher and halal

The NOW Foods Supplements Vitamin D-3 contains the micronutrient in a form which can be easily absorbed by the body. While vitamin D can be easily gathered thru optimal sun exposure, it is not found in lots of dietary sources. If you do not get enough sunlight, you can have excellent vitamin D levels by using supplements like this one. This option is completely kosher and halal plus it does not have any GMOs—the supplements feature GMP certification to assure excellent quality, potency and safety.


Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3

  • 5000 IU supplement
  • Has raw, whole food vitamin D3
  • Includes live probiotics and enzymes
  • Non-GMO and vegetarian-friendly

The Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 contains an active D vitamin ingredient sourced through plant-based, traceable sources—this one contains raw vitamin D3 gathered from a whole food, lipid base of organic, high omega-9 green wall chlorella. To further speed up and make for a more thorough absorption and digestion of the micronutrient, the formula also comes with the benefits of live probiotics and enzymes. If you are after a vitamin D3 supplement that is free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, binders and fillers, this is the supplement to consider. The formula is kosher and does not contain allergens like gluten or dairy as well.


Bronson Vitamin K2 (MK7) with D3 Supplement

  • 5000 IU supplement
  • D3 with K2 for stronger bones and heart
  • High-quality vegetarian capsules
  • Lab-tested and GMO-free

The Bronson Vitamin K2 (MK7) with D3 Supplement combines the capabilities of the D vitamin with vitamin K2 to facilitate excellent bone mineral density and arterial flexibility. This means taking the supplement regularly will not only promote support for a better immune system and improved moods, it can also further strengthen the bones and facilitate a healthier heart. The formula contains MK7 which is the most bioavailable form of vitamin K2. While D vitamins guarantee that the calcium is taken in properly, vitamin K2 will lead calcium straight into the bones and out of the arteries and bloodstream for fortified bones and healthier arteries. Formula is lab-tested in the U.S. and free from GMOs, soy and gluten.


Forestleaf Vitamin D3 Supplement

  • 5000 IU supplement
  • Non-GMO supplement
  • Free from common allergens
  • Tested for proper absorption

Vitamin D3 is needed to facilitate stronger bones, a healthier cardiovascular system, improved immunity and better mood. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms specifically need a good amount of this micronutrient for extra strength—once they absorb the benefits of the D vitamin, they can also pass its advantages to their children. The capsules are made from non-GMO materials and the supplements are also completely free from GMOs and allergens like dairy, soy, gluten and nuts. Formula was tested for quality and maximum absorption.


Nature Made Vitamin D3 Supplement

  • 2000 IU softgels
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Gluten-free formula
  • USP-verified and pharmacist-recommended

Regular intake of the Nature Made Vitamin D3 Supplement helps in regulating the body’s immune response against harm done by excess free radicals and microorganisms. It also promotes stronger bones, muscles and teeth. What you get out of this is a 2000 IU formula that is potent, reliable and made from first-rate ingredients contained in easy-to-swallow softgels. The supplement is also USP-verified, meaning it is tested for purity and quality. Take one a day or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Most of us are not getting enough sun due to work or school. However, we do need sunlight since it’s a rich source of vitamin D. If you cannot get enough sun, there are always vitamin D3 supplements that you can rely on. Check out our list and choose the most suitable for your needs.