Enhance Your Immune System with the Best Quercetin Supplements

Strengthening the immune system means consuming whole foods and taking supplements that contain powerful flavonoids like quercetin—flavonoids are instrumental in the fight against free radicals since their serve as antioxidants within the body. Giving free radicals free reign in the body means we are more prone to lots of serious health conditions like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Quercetin is a flavonoid with benefits that can enhance immune health and reduce inflammation. See what this flavonoid can do for your health by reading the rest of the guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is quercetin exactly?

    Answer: Quercetin is a flavonoid which is typically present in lots of fruits and vegetables like broccoli, grapes and apples. This flavonoid provides electrons to free radicals and stops histamine growth and inflammation within the body. Quercetin is one of the most sought-after supplements today. The flavonoid is often combined with nutrients like vitamin C and bromelain, thus resulting into a nutrient combo that is effective against threats to the immune system. Benefits of quercetin include anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy capabilities. The flavonoid also displayed helpful antiviral and antibacterial properties plus studies have shown that it can help impede cancer cell growth as well.

  2. What foods are rich in quercetin?

    Answer: Some foods that you eat regularly already contains quercetin. Some foods rich in quercetin include red onions, kale, capers, buckwheat, lovage leaves, black tea, cherries, apples, red grapes and blueberries. If you constantly eat fruits and vegetables every day, you may already have taken in around 100-300mg of the flavonoid. For people who do not consume sufficient fruits and veg daily, a supplement will suffice. You can begin taking 500mg of quercetin a day and work up to 1000mg for maximum benefits.

  3. How safe is quercetin and what are its side effects?

    Answer: Quercetin is found in lots of vegetables and fruits thus ingesting it daily is safe. When it comes to supplements, quercetin is safe in general and poses minimal to no side effects. However, taking 1000mg of the supplement a day might lead to oft-mild symptoms like stomach aches, headaches or a tingling sensation in some instances. Quercetin acquired through eating food is also safe for pregnant and nursing women. In terms of supplements though, taking quercetin supplements when pregnant or nursing should be avoided. Then again, it is best that you should first get advice from your doctor before taking quercetin supplements since the flavonoid might have an effect on specific medications like blood pressure medicines and antibiotics.

Our Top Picks


NOW Foods Quercetin with Bromelain Supplements

  • Includes bromelain
  • Free from allergens
  • Kosher, vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Packaged in the U.S.A

The NOW Foods Quercetin with Bromelain Supplements is a flavonoid that functions as an antioxidant which protects the body from threats like free radicals. It also promotes the best immune system response by fortifying it, encourages better cardiovascular health and also comes with antiviral and antibacterial properties. Bromelain is a nutrient that is found in healthy fruits and vegetables particularly pineapples and it also supports a healthier immune system. Along with bromelain, the combo works to reinforce the immune system for optimal health and guard it from known health conditions.


Earth Rx Quercetin with Bromelain Supplement

  • 1000mg Quercetin 200mg Bromelain
  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Respiratory support
  • General overall wellbeing

The Earth Rx Quercetin with Bromelain supplement is a dynamic combination. While Quercetin is powerful on its own, when you add Bromelain, an enzyme into the complex, you enhance the bodies ability for absorption. Quercetin is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory free radical scavenger that destroys unstable cells, keeps viruses from replicating, and blocks histamines. This complex is known for aiding respiratory health and easing symptoms from asthma, allergies, and seasonal viral infections all while supporting our wellbeing.


Jarrow Formulas Quercetin

  • 500mg capsules
  • Facilitates cardiovascular health
  • Promotes better immune response
  • Enhances antioxidant status

If you are after the benefits of quercetin alone, the Jarrow Formulas Quercetin supplement is the option made for you. This one contains potent quercetin that helps in promoting better cardiovascular health, excellent antioxidant performance and stronger immune response to environmental threats. The formula does not contain any other nutrients like bromelain so people who have pineapple allergies or are sensitive to the fruit can take this one. This is a supplement that bodes well with people suffering from allergies.


NatureBell Quercetin

  • 1000mg per serving
  • For an immune system boost
  • No GMOs, gluten and allergens
  • 3rd-party lab tested

The NatureBell Quercetin supplement aims to reduce histamine levels for better immune system response, encourage a healthier cardiovascular system, excellent overall cellular health and fast-acting antioxidant and enzyme activity. The formulation is completely free from allergens like tree nuts, soy, sugar, dairy and gluten plus it does not contain GMO elements as well. Regular intake of the antioxidant can also help in ridding inflammation.


Vimerson Health Turmeric Quercetin Bromelain Supplement

  • The best antioxidant properties
  • Contains bromelain
  • All-natural formula
  • Free from soy, GMOs, sugar, dairy and gluten

The Vimerson Health Turmeric Quercetin Bromelain Supplement has an excellent composition of antioxidants and nutrients which helps promote a healthier body. The formula contains bromelain, a known enzyme which is beneficial in breaking down proteins and boosting the manner in which the body processes fats. Taken along with turmeric, it eases the joints, promotes cartilage and joint health plus cognitive health. Quercetin of course encourages excellent immune system and cardiovascular health while bioperine helps in faster turmeric absorption.


ForestLeaf Quercetin with Bromelain, Vitamin C and Stinging Nettle

  • 500mg capsules
  • Gives sinus and allergy relief
  • For better cardiovascular health
  • Promotes respiratory health

The ForestLeaf Quercetin with Bromelain, Vitamin C and Stinging Nettle has a strong formula meant to tackle respiratory and cardiovascular ills. The effective combination of bromelain, vitamin C and stinging nettles gives relief to sinus conditions and respiratory allergies while at the same time, helps the body’s immune system improve its response against environmental threats. The supplement has undergone tests for maximum absorption and quality as well. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, giving this one a try wouldn’t hurt.


MediCoveHealth Immune Support: Quercetin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3

  • Has 250mg quercetin
  • With 500mg vitamin C
  • Includes 50mg zinc
  • Has 750IU vitamin D3

The MediCoveHealth Immune Support: Quercetin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3 was designed as a supplement to support the immune system and provide effective immune-response against environmental threats. It contains a good amount of quercetin at 250mg and its capabilities are further strengthened and enhanced by the likes of vitamins C and D3 and zinc. The nutrients added are known potent elements which can help in boosting immune system performance and defense. This one is highly recommended for people who have seasonal allergies and asthma.

There are threats of diseases left and right today and one of the best ways to kick them to the curb is by fortifying our body with the right clean diet, exercise and a more wholesome lifestyle in general. One of the most popular supplements today is quercetin and if you want better immune system health and a more robust cardiovascular performance, you can always rely on this nutrient.