Effective Safflower Oils for the Skin

You should stock up on products that will help ease and heal dry skin. Treating dry skin is easier these days since the market has lots of creams and lotions that can take care of such problems. However, if you are after a more natural approach, you need to get into the workings of safflower oil. Want to know more about this beneficial oil? Read about it below.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is safflower oil and what are its benefits?

    Answer: Safflower oil is gathered from the petals or seeds of the safflower plant. This plant provides several wholesome benefits. It contains vitamins E and A and essential fatty acids. These are nutrients that are needed by the body in order to function optimally. These nutrients are also beneficial for the skin. It helps in stimulating the production of collagen and facilitates the renewal of skin cells by guarding it from the harsh effects of free radicals. Safflower oil also helps in enhancing the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It is also used in cooking apart from being a facial oil.

  2. How do you use safflower oil?

    Answer: Skin care products that contain safflower oil are easy to use. You only need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Safflower facial oils and body oils can be applied directly on the skin without further instructions. The same can be said about edible, pure safflower oils used for cooking. However, safflower essential oils requite dilution of the product first prior to application. You need to put a few drops of the essential oil into a specific amount of carrier oil since essential oil forms are quite potent and highly irritating if applied directly on the skin. You can use carrier oils like grapeseed and jojoba oils if you have oily or acne-prone skin and almond and coconut carrier oils if you have dry skin. Safflower oil in general is safe to use every day.

  3. What is the difference between safflower oil and safflower essential oil?

    Answer: Pure and edible safflower oil which is typically used in cooking, skin care and medicinal remedies is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant. The texture of this oil is heavy and thick. It can be applied on the skin directly. Safflower essential oil is also used for skin care however the oil comes from the petals of the plant which are then compressed and refined. Due to its potency and higher concentration, safflower essential oils need to be diluted first with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil to be applied directly on the skin.

Our Top Picks


Renewalize Safflower Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer
  • Expeller-pressed and distilled
  • High linoleic acid level
  • Ideal for acne-prone and combination skin
  • Good as hair conditioner too

The Renewalize Safflower Seed Oil Facial Moisturizer is quite rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid and vitamin E. Those nutrients and compounds work together in order to refine and renew the skin. This is a non-comedogenic product so it’s safe for acne-prone, oily and combination skin types. Due to the high linoleic acid of this product, it helps balance the skin’s natural oils and prevent sebum overproduction which can lead to acne flareups. You can use it as a cleansing oil too along with castor oil. Packaged in dark amber glass bottles for longevity.


Kneipp Safflower and Olive Body Oil

  • Nourishing blend of moisturizing oils
  • Effective safflower and olive oil blend
  • Has sunflower and grapefruit
  • Vegan product

The Kneipp Safflower and Olive Body Oil has moisturizing properties that will help comfort and heal cracked, dry winter skin. Its efficient formula is due to the beneficial combination of oils from safflower, olive, grapefruit and sunflower. Safflower oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which are helpful in skin renewal and hydration while olive oil is a rich source of squalene—squalene helps in keeping the skin soft and smooth. The oil is not greasy at all and it applies well—it gets absorbed quickly. It has a fresh and clean scent too that all genders will appreciate.


Life-Flo Pure Safflower Oil

  • Certified and organic safflower oil
  • Food-grade oil
  • Hexane-free
  • No preservatives and artificial colors

The Life-Flo Pure Safflower Oil is pure, clean and completely free from artificial colors, preservatives and hexane. This is a certified organic product that you can apply as a natural hydrator for the face, body and hair. The oil helps in softening and easing dryness. The light and non-greasy formula also makes application a breeze—it gets absorbed easily by the skin without the oily feel. This product has been evaluated for freshness and purity so what you get is unadulterated, genuine safflower oil with its original nutrients retained.


Esutras Organics Safflower Oil

  • 100% safflower oil
  • Rich polyunsaturated fats source
  • Has nearly 79% linoleic acid
  • Great for cooking and skin care

The Esutras Organics Safflower Oil is a multipurpose oil product. This one can be used for cooking as a healthier alternative for vegetable oils. It is packed to the gills with linoleic acid or polyunsaturated fats at close to 79 percent. Constant application of this oil on acne prone, oily or combination skin means better balance in terms of oil production thus grease and excess sebum can be eliminated, thus it prevents blemishes too. Also great to use as nourishing oil for dry, damaged hair and nails.


Suki Skincare Nourishing Facial Oil

  • 100% pure ingredients
  • Source of retinol (vitamin A)
  • Minimizes blemishes
  • Paraben/phthalate-free

When it comes to ridding your face of oil and acne, you need something that can balance out oil production. This product from Suki Skincare is a nourishing and exfoliating blend of beneficial pure and clean ingredients from safflower oil, grapeseed oil and sunflower oil. This is a good source of retinol which is responsible for skin renewal and blemish reduction. The blend is free from unnecessary elements too like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances/allergens/dyes, sulfates and petrochemicals.


Buy Wellness Safflower Oil

  • Has 70% linoleic acid
  • Small-batch made
  • Cold-pressed for higher quality
  • Great for hair, skin and nails

The Buy Wellness Safflower Oil is composed of pure and natural safflower oil sourced from the U.S.A. This one makes for an excellent treatment for the skin, hair and nails. It nourishes while at the same time regulate the skin’s oil production to keep grease and acne at bay. Also nice to put on hair to rid it of frizzies and damage. Regular use can also lead to hair growth. Use it on your cuticles to keep your nails soft and nourished too. For the best quality, this safflower oil underwent the cold-pressed method.

Keep your skin, hair and nails in tiptop condition by using quality safflower oil products. It’s one of the most nourishing among beauty oils and deserves a place in your dresser. Use it regularly and acquire its benefits of healthier skin, hair and nails.