Eat Sweets Without the Guilt: Here are the Best Wholesome Desserts

Desserts should be enjoyed—yes, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth the health-conscious way. Depriving yourself of the stuff is not really a good idea since this one may not go as planned, and you can end up gorging on an excessive amount of sugar and fat instead. The trick here is to opt for smart, healthier alternatives to the usual sugar-laden, fatty dessert choices. Here are some of our current favorites.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is chocolate really healthy?

    Answer: Chocolates are okay as long as they are eaten in moderation, even the darker ones. If you want healthier chocolate though, you should choose dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are usually made from cacao tree seeds, which contain a high amount of antioxidants. A 100-gram of dark chocolate that includes at least 70 to 85 percent cocoa has fiber and healthful minerals ranging from iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. This is still a lot of chocolate though and must be taken in moderation. In addition, dark chocolate’s fatty acid profile is also great.

  2. What are sugar alternatives and are they really healthy?

    Answer: Sugar alternatives used in most healthy dessert products today include stevia, sugar alcohols like erythritol and xylitol, yacon syrup, maple syrup, monk fruit, coconut sugar, honey and molasses. Stevia is the healthiest among these options since it is 100 percent natural, does not contain calories and does not have known unfavorable effects to health.

  3. What food is great for savory dishes and healthy desserts?

    Answer: Nuts are one of the healthiest foods there is since they are rich sources of healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They can be eaten whole or added in dishes and desserts chopped, blended or ground. Nuts also add flavor, texture, crunch and creaminess in various dishes and desserts.

Our Top Picks


Frutero Ice Cream – Variety Pack (8 Pints)

  • Made with 100% real fruit
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No preservatives
  • Creamy and made with fresh ingredients

Ice cream remains one of the top desserts in the country however, they are often loaded with excessive ingredients. The Frutero Ice Cream Variety Pack uses only real fruit, the best kind, sourced from different parts of the world. This variety pack features 8 pints with different flavors—the bundle includes guava, mango, passionfruit, guanabana and coconut ice cream. It also features fresh ingredients and does not contain artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. If you are after delicious tropical flavors with minimal ingredients made fresh, this is a great choice.


LILY’S CHOCOLATE Peanut Butter Cups

  • Sugar-free dessert
  • Includes stevia as sweetener
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Fair Trade-certified

These LILY’S CHOCOLATE Peanut Butter Cups are completely free from sugar. So, if you are conscious of the stuff, it is wise if you seek tasty desserts that are sweetened with stevia instead. The dessert is made with dark chocolate as well, which is the better, healthier alternative to sweet chocolate—it is packed with good fats, fatty acids and antioxidants. It is creamy, delicious plus it’s great for the keto diet as well. Does not contain gluten so those with allergies to it can indulge.


Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites – Dark Chocolate

  • Certified USDA-organic
  • Fair-trade dark chocolate
  • Sustainably upcycled bananas
  • Vegetarian and kosher-friendly

Bananas are loaded with potassium and other healthy nutrients. Combine it with the benefits of dark chocolate and you have one delicious yet wholesome dessert. The Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites – Dark Chocolate makes this happen plus it’s a product that is socially-conscious as well—it is made with Fair Trade dark chocolates and the bananas it is made with are sustainably upcycled. This means it has bananas which were saved from going to waste. Packed with premium ingredients and a scrumptious recipe, these are instant favorites.


E&C’s Snacks Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies

  • Certified organic
  • Free from gluten and GMOs
  • Dairy and lactose-free
  • With unique shape

E&C’s Snacks Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies are made with high-quality ingredients—it comes with tasty, rolled oats that are free from gluten. The rolled oats provide crunch and texture which partners well with the first-rate dark chocolate. Rolled oats are rich in fiber and minerals plus dark chocolates are antioxidant/fatty acid powerhouses—without the lactose, dairy, gluten and GMOs, you will get a dessert that is kind on the body and generous with the nutrients, without sacrificing taste.


KIND Healthy Snack Bar (Caramel Almond & Sea Salt)

  • Has loads of nutrition
  • High-quality almonds, caramel and sea salt
  • Kosher desserts
  • Low in sugar and fat

The KIND Healthy Snack Bar (Caramel Almond & Sea Salt) still contains sugar and fat but only low levels of the stuff (5g sugar and 15g fat). It also includes almonds, which are known to have loads of calcium and vitamin E. In addition, almonds are delicious too and pairs well with most dessert ingredients. The bars are composed of high-quality almonds blended with spices and fruits melded with honey for built and additional texture. All together, they make for a snack and dessert that is nice on the tastebuds and wholesome to boot.


Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops (24-Count)

  • 100% Organic Fruit Juice
  • No sugar added
  • Fat and gluten-free
  • Non-GMO Project Verified/USDA-certified organic

The Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops (24-Count) has all the factors which makes it a wholesome, healthy sweet snack. For one, it does not have sugar. It has zero fat and gluten as well. The freezer pops are made with nothing but tasty, 100 percent organic fruit juices. This is a great frozen treat for adults and kids alike. It is also free from top 8 allergens and does not have artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives. It’s certified kosher and USDA organic too. This 24-pack bundle contains flavors ranging from strawberry lemonade, fruit punch and Concord grape. Very clean and satisfies your sweet tooth, naturally.

Yes, wholesome and healthy desserts are real. Even though you have to cut back on the sugar or want to lose weight, you can still tame your cravings by indulging in healthier alternatives. Check out those tasty choices and enjoy them in moderation.