Boost Immunity with the Best Ascorbic Acid Powders

Following a balanced diet eventually leads to healthy gains. What you’ll get is a stronger immune system that can capably fight against viruses, bacteria and toxins which can damage the body. Combine a wholesome diet with enough sleep and regular exercise routines and your body will be more than ready to shield itself from virulent microbes, toxins and free radicals. One of the best fighters against the invasion of free radicals and viruses is vitamin C. Vitamin C has been known in the medical field as a prime component in the fight against various diseases. It’s found in lots of food sources but it’s readily available as a supplement in ascorbic acid form as well. If you feel like you are not getting enough doses of the vitamin, check out some of our good ascorbic acid powder finds.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is ascorbic acid?

    Answer: Ascorbic acid is a form of vitamin C which is naturally-occurring. It is often used to boost the immune system, prevent vitamin C deficiency and scurvy treatment.

  2. What medicines might interact with ascorbic acid?

    Answer: Ascorbic acid might interact with deferoxamine and iron supplements. To guarantee that ascorbic acid will not pose any effects on other medicines or treatments that you are currently taking, you have to provide your doctor or healthcare provider with the medications you use, supplements, non-prescription medicines or herbs. Ascorbic acid can also interfere with tests for sugar levels in urine so if you are diabetic, make sure to talk to your doctor about urine glucose levels.

  3. Can supplements really boost your immunity?

    Answer: Dietary supplements lend a hand in filling gaps in your diet but eating a wholesome diet is still the best way to acquire the essential nutrients that your body needs. The body takes in nutrients and vitamins better whenever it is acquired from dietary resources. You also need to talk to your doctor first before taking dietary supplements because some of these items might pose side effects specifically if you are taking other medications, undergoing treatments or taking other supplements. Thus, do not rely on supplements alone—you still need to eat your fruits and vegetables every day.

Our Top Picks

#1 Vitamin C Powder

  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases blood antioxidant levels up to 30%
  • For metabolism support
  • Healthier teeth and bones

Vitamin C has an extensive range of benefits—it not only boosts your immunity, it also plays a huge role in teeth and bone health, antioxidant support, for better metabolism and of course, younger-looking skin. The Vitamin C Powder is an easy way to absorb the power of this well-known, effective vitamin. Ascorbic acid in powder form can be taken in a lot of ways—you can make your own capsules with it, add it on smoothies, shakes, juices, milks or plain water, add it on your skin care products or even use it as animal supplement (as per veterinarian’s advice).



  • Ascorbate – a powerful form of Vitamin C
  • Formulated to take in high dose
  • Helps with alkalizing
  • Plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Nice taste, gentle on the stomach

Alkalini-C differs from other ascorbic acid forms because it is the natural l-ascorbate form of Vitamin C. This is the form that the body uses so it is more bio-available than other ascorbic acids. Alkalini-C is formulated to take in high doses without upsetting the stomach or irritating the stomach lining. It is the most powerful form of Vitamin C and delivers a high antioxidant value that your body will appreciate.


NOW Supplements Vitamin C Crystals

  • Pure, pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid powder
  • Excellent antioxidant protection
  • Non-GMO and soy/nut-free
  • Vegan/vegetarian and kosher

The NOW Supplements Vitamin C Crystals is an ascorbic acid product that has a low sodium rate, free from GMOs and nuts, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, kosher and produced in a GMP-qualified facility. It has undergone lab tests as well for potency, stability and quality formulation. The formulation is comprised of pure pharmaceutical-grade powder that is easy to use and absorb. Take vitamin C regularly and it can help in retaining healthier, stronger tissues by eliminating free radicals and a myriad of other benefits.


Micro Ingredients Pure Vitamin C Powder

  • Pure ascorbic acid powder
  • No additives and preservatives
  • GMO-free vitamin C
  • Includes scoop

The Micro Ingredients Pure Vitamin C Powder is one of the best ways to take vitamin C—it has a higher concentration of the nutrient and it also makes for easier, faster absorption. For those who cannot take vitamin C in tablet or capsule form due to stomachaches, the powder form is kinder on your gut actually. The formula is pure and does not contain any additives, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors and gluten. The powder did not undergo any procedures that involve irradiation as well.


Pure Organic Ingredients Pure Vitamin C Powder

  • Pure L-ascorbic acid
  • Maximum potency vitamin C
  • Lab-tested for purity
  • Non-GMO powder supplement

The Pure Organic Ingredients Pure Vitamin C Powder is a pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality L-ascorbic acid without GMOs but with reliable, guaranteed efficacy that you can trust. Being a supplement in powder form, you can add it on your juices, in plain water and other choice beverages. You can also use along with your moisturizer or take it along with a teaspoon of honey as a liquid vitamin. Regular intake of vitamin C leads to a stronger immune system and better health.


Judee’s Pure Vitamin C Powder

  • 100% pure vitamin C powder
  • 1000mg vitamin C per serving
  • For better immunity
  • Antioxidant support

Judee’s Pure Vitamin C Powder provides a dose of 1000mg vitamin C per serving. Take one serving a day with your choice drinks, use it in your skin care products or take it as a shot for a boost of the vitamin daily. Vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system, boost glutathione production for a healthier liver and facilitate better collagen synthesis for optimal skin health. This powder was made in a gluten and nut-free facility and contained in BPA-free packaging.


Hard Rhino Ascorbic Acid Powder

  • Stronger immune system
  • Cellular function support
  • Excellent antioxidant properties
  • The best metabolism support

The Hard Rhino Ascorbic Acid Powder gives you antioxidant support all the way with its powerful L-ascorbic acid formula. To get better immunity from health conditions, your body should have lots of antioxidant support. Vitamin C is also responsible for better collagen production which helps in retaining healthier, stronger tissues. It is used for amino acid metabolization as well. Let your body take ascorbic acid the faster, easier way by means of powder supplements. Mix it in your drinks, use it along with skin care products or create your own vitamins with it for better body and skin health.

The body gets its strength from nutrients, and vitamin C is one of the best nutrients that help boost your body’s immunity against various health conditions. Prevent the onset of diseases today by taking ascorbic acid daily.