Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Living with hypertension is not easy. A wrong choice of dish in a restaurant, an alarming news in the workplace, or a stressful physical activity can cause your blood pressure to shoot up instantly, leaving you with a severe headache, vision problems, and irregular heartbeats. Sometimes, you won’t even feel any symptoms, which is worse, because then you are slowly damaging your arteries, kidneys, and even your heart. This is why it is best to have your own blood pressure monitor at home or the office. Having your own device can help you better manage your blood pressure so you do not develop potentially challenging diseases in the long run.

An at-home blood pressure monitor is not just for individuals who suffer from hypertension. Regular checks can also be done to healthy individuals in order to navigate symptoms that mimic hypertension. Here are six blood pressure monitors that you can keep at home or the office and even take with you when you go to the gym or travel.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do you use a blood pressure monitor?

    Answer: Start the unit, then let the cuff inflate by itself. Check the display screen for your reading. Press the stop button to release the air from the cuff. If you need to repeat the measurement, wait 2 to 3 minutes before starting.

  2. How do you choose a blood pressure monitor?

    Answer: Choose a blood pressure monitor that measures your blood pressure at your upper arm and not your finger or wrist. Make sure the cuff is the right size, with just enough space to slide two fingertips underneath when wrapped around your arm.

  3. How do you make sure your readings are accurate?

    Answer: Sit on a chair and wait about 3 minutes before taking a measurement. Rest your upper arm on a table at about the same height as your heart, then wrap the cuff around your arm and get your reading done.

Our Top Picks


MMIZOO Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Upper arm cuff
  • Digital
  • Large LCD display
  • 1-touch operation

Get an accurate reading with this blood pressure monitor. Its large LCD screen display and 30-degree tilt-angle design allows elders to easily to read the result, while its smart voice broadcast can talk the result to people who have poor vision. Its extended and comfortable arm cuff measures 8.7 to 16.5 inches, fitting most people. This monitor features a built-in lithium battery, so you do not have to replace batteries frequently. 


Omron Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 3 Series

  • Advanced accuracy
  • Wide-range D-ring cuff
  • With quick-start guide and instruction manual
  • Easy to use

Track your health every day with this blood pressure monitor. It captures your readings, any irregular heartbeats, and body movement during measurement. It stores up to 14 readings, making it easy for you to share vital information with your family, caregivers, or doctors. Powered by the brand’s Advanced Accuracy technology, this monitor measures 5 times more data points for a consistent and precise reading. It has a wide-range D-ring cuff that fits arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference.


Tovendor Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

  • Upper arm cuff
  • Backlit display
  • Stores up to 90 readings
  • 1-touch inflation

Observe historical data with this blood pressure monitor. It features an LCD display screen showing easy-to-read and accurate pulse rate, diastolic pressure, and systolic pressure. It has a 2-person memory and allows you to store and view up to 90 blood pressure readings per user. This monitor is equipped with irregular heart beat detection, 180 auto turn off power saving, and low battery indicator. It has a large cuff that suits arms with circumference of 8.7 inches to 16.5 inches. 


LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Digital
  • With wristband
  • 2 users
  • 180 reading memory

Check your health regularly with this blood pressure monitor. It features a 1-button operation so you can easily operate the device and measure your blood pressure level on your own. It is designed for 2 users and can store 90 memories for each user separately. This monitor has a large and clear LCD display, easy memory settings, an irregular heartbeat indicator, and auto shut-off function. Its cuff fits wrist sizes from 4.9 inches to 8 inches comfortably.


Konquest KBP-2704A Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Digital
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Large backlit display

Make reading your results a breeze with this blood pressure monitor. It has a built-in memory function so you can recall the last 120 readings for 2 users. Calibrated for unmatched accuracy, it provides reliable results in under 1 minute. This monitor has a large and bright backlight LCD screen that shows all measurements clearly. It comes with a cuff that comfortably fits arms from 8 ½ to 16 ½ inches in circumference.


Renpho Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Upper arm cuff
  • With speakers
  • Large display
  • 240 recordings

Enjoy the process of reading your health with this blood pressure monitor. It plays a soothing music during measurement and talks your readings in a pleasant voice to help you relax. It delivers your results in under 45 seconds while displaying your healthy range with the AHA indicator. This monitor has a wide-range cuff that fits arms between 8 3/4 to 15 3/4 in circumference. Its large backlight LCD screen with extra-large numbers displays all measurements clearly even in the dark.

Choosing the right blood pressure monitor for the home is just as important as regularly checking your blood pressure. These monitors are convenient and easy to use, so if you want to be able to measure your blood pressure any time, these will get you started.